DM.690 3 Pack

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Vocal and Instrument Microphone

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The Phonic DM.690 Vocal and Instrument Microphone offer best-in-class performance at a very competitive price. Constructed from premium components including neodymium magnets, a solid cast alloy body, an all-steel mesh, and gold pin XLRs, the Phonic DM.690 combines clear, transparent audio recordings and unbeatable value. A cardioid polar pickup pattern paired with a 360 degree wind / pop filter help to achieve smooth off-axis rejection of feedback / unwanted signals. The DM.690 is designed with recording sessions in mind, with an integrated silent on/off switch for convenient and silent use during recordings, as well as a shock-dampening cartridge design and thick alloy body to eliminate unwanted handling noise. Ideal for capturing vocals and instrumentals, the DM.690 Microphone features a wide frequency response, perfect for a great recreation of a wide range of sounds.

This pack includes 3 X Phonic DM.690 Vocal and Instrument Microphone.



  • 〉    Wide frequency response delivers articulate and transparent performance in live and studio settings
  • 〉    Rugged construction: Built with a thick cast alloy body and steel mesh – True “work horse”
  • 〉    Neodymium magnet maximizes sensitivity and resolution: Cut through the mix with ease
  • 〉    Minimal handling noise: Shock-dampening cartridge design and thick alloy body eliminates handling noise
  • 〉    Cardioid pattern and 360° wind / pop filter delivers smooth off-axis rejection of feedback / unwanted signals
  • 〉    Convenient and silent on/off switch
  • 〉    Professionally engineered for a wide range of vocal and instrument applications
  • 〉    Attractive color gift boxes




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