Mackie HD1501

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15″ 1200W Powered High-Definition Subwoofer


Mackie’s HD1501 15″ Powered Subwoofer is capable of producing 1200W of power and features Class-D Fast Recovery™ amplification.  Expertly tweaked tuning filters, internal crossovers and protection circuitry are designed by EAW for the ultimate in professional performance.


The precision-tuned HD1501 features a high-pass output specifically designed to alleviate the power-hungry low frequencies from getting to your top boxes.  The entire system features protective circuitry including peak and RMS limiting, over-excursion and thermal protection.


The HD1501 Powered Subwoofer delivers 1200 watts of peak power using Mackie’s Class-D Fast Recovery™ amplification.  Class-D amps allow for extremely high-output in a design that is much lighter than traditional amplifiers.  Mackie’s Fast Recovery™ design allows the amplifier to recover more quickly when pushed into clipping, which means less distortion when things get too loud.


The HD1501’s ported, direct-radiating design means super-low frequency extension that is smooth and powerful.  EAW also custom specified the 15″ driver to work in perfect harmony with the amplifier.  Some competitors claim high wattage, but use limiters to reduce the amount of actual power that hits the speaker.  Precision phase control and tuning filters make the HD1501 the perfect companion to the HD1521 or SRM450v2, especially when using the high-pass outputs.


The HD1501’s enclosure is built using 15mm birch and is covered in durable textured black paint that minimizes the risk of scratching.  The grill is made using powder coated steel and flush with the enclosure to avoid denting.




  • >  1200W of ultra-efficient Class-D Fast Recovery™ amplification
    •     »   600WRMS / 1200W peak power
    •     »   131 dB SPL max output (peak @ 1m)
    •     »   36 Hz – 145Hz operating range
  • >  15″ high-output woofer with 3″ voice coil
  • >  Active electronics provide complete system optimization
    •     »   Symmetrical Linkwitz-Riley crossover (100Hz, 24dB/octave)
    •     »   Precision tuning filtersfor ultra-accurate bass reproduction
    •     »   Phase alignment to perfectlycomplement Mackie full-range loudspeakers
  • >  Ported, direct-radiating design for maximum punch and low-frequency extension
  • >  Designed and tuned by Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW)
  • >  Dual XLR inputs, full-range and high-pass outputs for mono or stereo setups
  • >  Level control and polarity invert switch with LED indicator
  • >  Signal/limit and thermal LED indicators
  • >  Integrated protection and limiting circuitry
  • >  Rugged all-wood cabinet (15mm birch plywood)
  • >  Pole mount receptacle for mounting full-range speaker
  • >  Compact and lightweight (80 lbs/36.3 kg)




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