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ARTOS 1000

ARTOS 1000 System with analog mixer


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► Extensive 4-channel mixer

2 x MIC/LINE input (adjustable), 1 x RCA stereo input, 1 x HI-Z instrument input,

2 x XLR line ouput, 1 x SUB LEVEL controller for quick access

► Class-D amplifier modules with 2 x 300 W (RMS)

for low distortion and excellent sound, powerful SMPS (100 V – 240 V)

► Powerful 24-bit DSP with display, ONE CONTROL encoder, storable

presets, high-pass filter, delay, dual-channel limiter & equalization

► Digital delay for delay zones with up to 100 m (in steps of 0.25 m)



ARTOS 1000 系统 带模拟调音台

ARTOS SUB10A Subwoofer
Speaker type 1 x 10′ transducer
Rated Power 250W(RMS)
Rated Impedance
Dimensions 361 x 600 x 520mm
Net Weight (kg) 15kg

ARTOS 1000 系统 带模拟调音台

ARTOS SUB10A Amplifier
Rated power 2 x 300W RMS
Frequency range 20Hz–20kHz
DSP conncection 24 bit (1in-2out)


ARTOS 1000 系统 带模拟调音台

ARTOS SUB10A Analog Mixer
Inputs 4channels(2x Mic/Line,1xRCA , 1xHi-Z )
Input connectors 1-2#:XLR / 6.3mm jack combo
3#:6.3mm jack balanced TRS
4#:2 x RCA jack (stereo)
Input impedance 1-2# MIC: 40 k Ohms balanced
1-2# LINE: 10 k Ohms balanced
3#:20 k Ohms balanced
4#: 5 k Ohms unbalanced
Output connector 1-2#: Line Link:XLR   3#: Mix out: XLR

ARTOS 1000 系统 带模拟调音台

MF 6 x 3′ mid-range speaker
HF 1 x 1′ compression driver
Coverage(H*V) 120° x 30°
Rated Power 180W(RMS)
Rated Impedance
Dimensions( W x H x D) 106 x 750 x 100mm
Net Weight(kg) 2.5