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Active line Array


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G210A active line array feature flat frequency response and phase response. Each speaker cabinet has a independent power amplifier of high power and DSP, and can be adjusted independently.
The power amplifier is designed with high efficient switching mode power supply. The built-in DSP function, e.g. crossover, EQ, limit, delay and volume can be operated on the panel. The speaker cabinet quantity can be configured conveniently according to the actual application.
The LF unit uses premium cone. HF part adopts two 34mm HF compression driver to convert HF dome waves into plane wave via a plane wave converter, thus to reduce HF interference and improve the sound clearness in a long distance. With the 120 degree constant directivity horn together, they generate a consistent wave plane.
The trapezoidal enclosure minimizes the gap between two cabinets, thus to reduces the unuseful sound area and minimizes the side lobe.G210A is also designed with the accurate Al suspension system. Each cabinet angle can be adjusted to meet different requirement. The two handles are designed on the two side for convenient transportation.

G210A rear pane

They generate a consistent wave plane. G210A is also designed with switching mode power amplifier, built-in 24bit 48KHz DSP module, crossover/EQ/limit/delay/volume control function. The DSP function can be adjusted via panel operation.



Model G210A
Type active line array
Frequency response 60Hz~20KHz (-10dB)    70Hz~18KHz (±3dB)
Coverage(HxV) 120°(H) x 10°(V)
LF 2×10″ ( 260 mm )
HF 2×1.34″ ( 34mm ) compression driver
Sensitivity 0dBu
Voltage 230V/115V
Power 1000W(LF) +150W(HF)
Max SPL 136dB
Dimension(WxHxD) 810×290×490(mm)
Weight 34kg
Angle 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10° adjustable







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